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Welcome to Doggie Herbs Natural Dog Supplies & Natural Pet Products

Our natural dog supplies & natural pet products are made from scratch because we love our pets too!

Natural Dog Products
Modern day outlook on health has changed to include natural herbal products as one of our first lines of defense as we have been seeing the negative drawbacks of prolonged chemical medications. You give your pets as much love as you do children, so treating and caring for them with herbal pet products only makes sense! Now, herbs for dogs is becoming in high demand as we choose to use economical and safe treatments for our pets as well as natural preventative products to boost health and longevity.

We have all the herbal pet care products & natural dog supplies you need at the highest quality! We formulate our natural products at human quality standards. In fact all our naturally made products would be just as safe for you to take as your pet would, there is no compromise on our herbal standards here at Doggie Herbs!

Ever since I started training in herbalism I have been making herbal products for my pets: giving my dog herbs, making natural remedies for him, etc. Years of training and working with Dimmak Herbs, together have been able to perfect these natural products! Doggie Herbs is here to offer these products to everyone!

On this site you will find articles, how-to write-ups,natural dog supplies and herbal pet products. Every pet care product here is 100% made from scratch, 100% natural, and 100% effective. We would like to stress that our products are COMPLETELY natural, not just contain natural ingredients. You wont find acids, sodiums, glycerins, or any coloring.
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We are renowned for our signature Dog Ear Wash products. Our dog ear cleaner is now sold and formulated to be safe for all pet ear grooming problems. The natural pet ear cleansing is now sold as a system. Jump straight to this famous all natural pet product here.


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