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Best Immune Booster for Dogs to Increase Dog Immunity

immune booster for dog immunity

All About Dog Immunity

So you want the best for your doggie and so you are on the hunt for the best immune booster for dogs. The truth is that dog immunity should start on the first day you bring them home. The food you feed your dog is the very first step in creating a strong dog immunity. As you can see there are many avenues to boosting dog immunity

  • Daily food and treats
  • Daily exercise
  • Dog Supplements
  • Herbs for dogs
  • The dogs daily environment

Most Important Immune Booster for Dogs- FOOD!

Most of us tend to think of food as things that are nourishing for us, taste good, and are a daily necessity. We tend to think that if we want to improve health, boost immunity, cure ailments, increase energy, or just feeling better that we must need to take something extra, some magic pill maybe? 

The truth is that herbal supplements, vitamins & minerals, or any other supplement is just a form of food; often a concentrated form of food. That is where the term ‘superfood’ comes from because herbs are simply foods that are concentrated so we use less of them or put them in capsules so we can ingest them easier. 

Hippocrates was 100% correct in saying that “Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”

So let’s think about it for a second. We can feed our dog poor quality food and ultimately end up with high vet bills, or buying expensive supplements to add to the food. Why spend $10 on dog food, when you are spending $50 on supplements? The word ‘supplement’ means just that: additions that you are missing. If we are missing less micro and macro nutrients, then we need less supplements. Dog food is being recalled all the time, there is no sense in spending more money on supplements if everyday (or multiple times a day) your doggie is eating poor quality nutrients or even worse possible carcinogens. Trust me if corporations sell humans food that is making them ill, obese, and full of cancer; then they sure don’t care about our dogs.

Treats are where owners tend to increase their budget and find good treats or at least treats that contain herbs for dog immunity, or hip issues, or some type of extra supplement. This is great and it shows that you can use food for hip health as well as an immune booster for dogs.

Plenty of Exercise Equals Dog Immunity

As humans we get really really busy and it’s hard to find time to exercise ourselves, let alone exercise our doggies sufficiently. However, we know through scientific studies that we must get exercise and movement. It is important to our psychological health as well as our physical health (ie Immunity). Well, the case is the same with dogs.

In a scientific paper about the psychological and immune effects of exercise on dogs they found that dogs responded very similarly as humans to exercise. It benefits the psychology, dog immunity, life span, and even behavior improvements with adequate exercise. 

You have to buy your dog food and you have to exercise them. This is 2 free immune booster for dog tips.

Herbal Immune Boosters for Dog Immunity

Not all dog supplements are herbal or even natural for that matter. However, in this section I will cover dog supplements for dog immunity as a whole to include herbs for dogs as well as other supplements that could be vitamin, mineral, biological or some other supplement.

Herbs are the BEST supplements because they are 100% natural and are food sources.

While there are many supplements for dog immunity, herbs are the best supplements because they are 100% natural and are food sources. I want to be clear here what I mean by 100% natural. Vitamins and minerals are natural, but that doesn’t mean that they came from a natural source and they aren’t in a very bioavailable form. Studies show that just because you took a multi vitamin supplement, doesn’t mean that you aren’t vitamin deficient. Vitamins and minerals and all other alkaloids and such that we want in our bodies are best when taken in through foods. Dark Leafy greens will get you more vitamin K than any supplement ever will. Since herbs are foods, this is the best way to take a supplement.

Herbs and Mushrooms are the True Best Immune Booster Supplements for Dogs

To see why herbs are superior to someone adding a bunch of minerals, vitamins, and processed alkaloids to a formula, then let’s take a look at Ginseng for an example. Ginseng is one of the best dog immunity supplements, so what exactly is in ginseng?

Ginseng = Triterpene saponis, aglycone, ginsenoside, notoginsenoside, malonylginsenoside, water-soluble polysaccharides, polyynes. These alkaloids make up the non vitamin and mineral part of Ginseng as it is known to be packed with vitamins and minerals (studies show these are very important part of the whole synergy of this herb and how it affects our bodies)

As you can see from above, even just using an extraction of ginsenoside, there are many other constituents that play a role in dog immunity and what ginseng does to your dog’s body. Or if we take Turkey Tail for example, this mushroom (still an herb) contains PSK as part of its protein bound polysaccharide content. PSK is extracted and used in drug form to treat cancer in HUMANS in China and Japan. In the US we rely on chemo, laser, and surgeries to do the trick. So you can see that your immune booster for dogs should be mostly made up of herbs and mushrooms; additional ingredients can help but honestly just add to the formula being less natural.

Top Herbs for Dog Immunity

Top Mushrooms for Dog Immunity

Daily Life of the Doggie

We would not have a complete guide to immune boosters for dogs if we don’t talk about the dogs daily life and how it affects dog immunity. As we have linked above the article about psychological health for dogs, we found that exercise helped with dog immunity. The same thing goes for the dog’s living conditions and its environment. 

We know that repeated stressors on the body are cancer cursors, so we can deduce that negative stress is having a negative impact on dog immunity. Some of these things we can control and others maybe we can’t. Maybe we live on a busy street with lots of noise, but if your doggie is well fed, gets exercise, and has a loving home these stressors will have less of an impact. Additionally we can use herbs if we feel our doggie is stressed about things. We can use herbs specifically or use herbs that are adaptogens – these help doggies deal with stress that is normal everyday. 

Herbs for Dog Calming

Adaptogen Herbs for Dogs

Buy Immune Booster for Dog Immunity

Finally, after this article you may be excited and start making adjustments at home and buying herbs and mushrooms online. However, you may be confused on what exactly you should do about boosting your dog’s immunity. Luckily you can buy supplements for dog immunity, so you don’t have to worry about buying individual things. 

The first thing to remember is that dog immunity starts on day 1. Don’t wait for your dog to become ill to start boosting immunity. Increase dog immunity now so you prevent illness in the future!

Doggie Herbs sells our Doggie Immune Booster for Dogs with all the herbs and mushrooms you need. The blend is part extract for strength and part raw powder for vitamins and minerals. 

Our Dog Immunity Formula includes:

  • Organic Turkey Tail
  • Organic Chaga
  • Organic Reishi Mushroom
  • Organic Cordyceps
  • Organic Lion’s Mane
  • Organic Astragalus
  • Organic Ginseng
  • Organic Goji Berry
  • Organic He Shou Wu / Fo-Ti
  • Additionally: Isatis, Poria, Tian Kui Zi, Bai Zhu, Siler, Dang Gui: all important herbs. 
  • Contains 100% fruiting body, 0% Mycelium, and 230mg of Beta Glucan per scoop

Immune Booster for Dog Immunity

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