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Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth: How To

Cleaning Your Dogs Teeth: How To

Cleaning your dog’s teeth should be no less important than cleaning your own. When owning a pet the care you give them can depend on how long they live and how healthy they will be throughout the years. It varies from one owner to another but it’s recommended that you clean your dog’s teeth on a daily basis.  This will allow you to clean plaque buildup and prevent tartar which will eventually lead to decay. You will need to gradually introduce teeth brushing to your dog otherwise it may scare them and will become difficult to get them adjusted if done inappropriately.

The first step will be to introduce them to the toothpaste and tooth brush. Don’t try to restrain your dog and keep upbeat about the whole process. Make sure to praise your dog when they obey.  Most dogs enjoy the taste of their toothpaste because it comes in a variety of flavors including malt and poultry. You will want to give your dog a chance to get used to the flavor and consistency of their toothpaste.  Allow them to lick a small amount of off your finger to begin with. If he follows your instructions make sure to praise him and even reward him with a treat. If he doesn’t like the taste of the tooth paste you may need to try a different flavor. Before moving onto the next step this will give your dog a few days to get used to licking and tasting of the toothpaste.

The next step which can sometimes be the most difficult is getting your dog used comfortable with the idea of something being placed inside their mouth. Many dogs don’t like to have things near their gums or teeth. Squirt a small amount of toothpaste onto your finger and rub gently against your dogs canine teeth located in front of the mouth. These are the easiest teach to reach and will give you a chance to practice. If your dog behaves during this process again make sure to reward them. Continue this process a few days before moving onto the next step. Once they have gotten comfortable with their canine teeth being brushed its time to purchase a dental sponge or tooth brush.

You will want to choose one or the other and try to not change out the item so they don’t become confused or irritated with change. You will need to use the toothbrush routinely so they get used to it. You will want to place the toothpaste on the brush and allow your dog to lick it off as they did on your finger. You may need to practice this process for a week so it gives your dog a chance to enjoy the flavoring and licking it off consistently.

The next step is to actually begin the brushing phase. You will want to talk to your dog and praise him through the entire process. Even though he is now used to the toothbrush and toothpaste it will be a new experience for his teeth to be brushed. You will want to gently lift his upper lip and place the toothbrush at a 45 degree angle near the gum line.  Gently move the brush in a circular motion from top to bottom. You do not need to worry about brushing the inside which is closest to the tongue. The dog keeps the inside teeth areas relatively clean by using their own tongue.  This process will need to be increased daily as your dog accepts their teeth being brushed. Slowly increase the amount of teeth that you brush daily until you are able to brush all of them without a fuss from your pet.

This is the basic process for keeping your dogs teeth clean at home. There are other additional dental care items that you may purchase but are optional. A few of these include water-picks, plaque toys, and dental chews. By caring for your dogs teeth at home you save yourself money and time.