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Dog Tendon Healing at Home: ACL, Stifle, Joints, Tendinitis, & Achilles

Healing ACL, Stifle, Joints, Tendinitis, & Achilles Tendons and Ligaments at home.

Dog Tendon Healing & Ligament Repair and Prevention at Home

Tendon injuries can happen in a variety of areas throughout your dog’s body. Scientifically, tendons connect to muscles and bones, in order to help the body, withstand pressures of everyday activities and movements. Tendon injuries occur when the force placed upon them exceed a particular threshold that it can no longer endure. As a result, laceration, inflammation or rupturing of the tendon can occur. Dog tendon healing is easier today with Chinese herbs and supplements without an expensive vet bill.

Common Causes 

While some tendon issues can occur due to degeneration and the natural aging of your dog, straining and over-working your dogs’ muscles and joints can also cause tendons to overstretch, resulting in injury. For this reason, be mindful of:

  • The stress put on racing and working dogs 

  • Over-exercising 

  • Strenuous jumping 

  • Requirement of excessive force

  • Repetitive movements 

  • Awkward postures 


Early detection is critical for the best outcome. According to the Denver Vets, keep an eye out for these warning signs of tendon trauma: 

  • Increased lameness 

  • Pain in a centralized area 

  • Resistance to utilize the related joint 

  • Inflammation

Symptoms of tendon injury will vary based on the type of trauma and location. Symptoms also don’t automatically mean trauma is present. Should you witness symptoms in your dog, your next step should be to visit a vet for further diagnostic. 

Common Types of Tendon Trauma in Dogs 


Acute cruciate ligament injuries are tears or sprains in the band of tissues that connect the femur and tibia, centrally around the knee joint. The presence of this trauma can result in pain, muscle loss, limping and difficulty laying down or standing up. 


Stifle trauma is the dislocation of the tibia bone from its position in relation to the kneecap and femur. With this injury, you’re likely to observe your dog limping or not using the impacted leg. They may also have an observable limp in their back. 


Joints are found throughout the body, connected by tendons and muscles. Put under pressure, a joint may audibly pop, followed by observable swelling. Since your dog relies on their joints to move, this kind of tendon trauma can be severely painful, and result in reluctancy to be mobile. 


As outlined by The Mayo Clinic, tendinitis is inflammation within tendons. Left untreated, inflammation can cause wearing and damage. The main look-for with tendinitis is lameness, as they attempt to rest to promote natural healing. 


Achilles tendon injuries occur in the back of the lower leg, within the muscles connecting the calf and heel bone. These injuries tend to be caused through physical exertion or the natural aging process, especially in larger, heavier, dogs.  

 This may leave you worried about the veterinary bills associated with diagnosing and treating such issues. Good news is there are many at-home treatment and care options you can explore. 

How to Promote Dog Tendon Healing at Home

Just as we typically treat our aches and pains at home, we’re able to do the same for our dogs: 

MassageDog Massage Therapy 3 year old Boston terrier is lying down on a massage table while receiving a therapeutic massage. dog massage stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

  • Promotes faster healing times 

  • Feels good while lowering pain levels 

  • Allows you to check the severity of the discomfort 

  • Increases blood circulation throughout the entire body 

  • Provides positive bonding 

Massaging with herbal oil, liniment, can further promote circulation to encourage quicker healing, as it’s directly absorbed. 

BathsBeagle dog having a bath Beagle dog covered in foam trying to escape the bathtub, while having a bath dog bath stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Warm water opens pores and increases circulation, which together promote healing. Epsom salts further support these benefits. Unless your dog enjoys being in the water, it’s likely they’ll only allow you to put them in so deep of water. Therefore, depending on the location of the tendon injury this method of care may or may not be most effective. 


Similar to baths, soaks increase circulation to the applied area, while offering extra healing properties of herbs. By submerging the herbs into the warm water, the positive features are extracted and directly absorbed by the injured area while soaking. 

Sick lilac French Bulldog dog with ice bag on head Sick lilac French Bulldog dog with ice bag on head on white background dog compress stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images


If the injured tendon is not one your dog will easily allow you to soak in a bath, a compress is the best alternative. Soak a towel in warm or herbal water, ring it out, then directly applying it to the injury. 



Medicinal herbs for dogs and supplements are a combination of concentrated ingredients that get added to one’s diet for either nutritional or therapeutic benefits. Therapeutic supplements provide benefits of preventing and treating illnesses or injuries. Some of the most beneficial supplements of this kind come in the form of mushrooms and herbs, and products that include these mushrooms and herbs. 

Supplements to Support Bone, Joint and Tendon Healing in Dogs

Wondering which types of supplements and herbs are safe and healthy for your dog? Doggie Herbs has you covered with a variety of options


Dog Bone Healing 

This formula works to repair and strengthen bone, ligaments and cartilage for dogs by:

  • Removing Stasis

  • Increasing Circulation

  • Increasing Calcium Absorption

  • Providing Additional Healing Compounds 

  • Trigger Healing Responses in the Body 

  • Reduces Bone Pain 

Doggie Ruff Joints

Through anti-inflammatory herbs, this formula targets improved circulation within your dogs’ joints to:

  • Relieve Joint Pain 

  • Improve Joint Health 

  • Increase Joint Lubrication 

  • Promote Restoration

Doggie Ruff Tendons 

Encouraging healing and nourishment for ligaments and tendons, Doggie Ruff Tendons is a dog tendon healing formula helpful in treating and providing relief from:

  • Sprains and Dislocations 

  • Stifle 

  • Cruciate Ligament Damage 

  • ACL Impairments 

  • Tendinitis 

  • Degeneration of Ligaments 

Herbal Anti-Inflammatory

This one-stop-shop herbal solution was designed to relieve your dog from:

  • Inflammation 

  • Arthritis Pain 

  • Orthopedic Pain 

  • Hip and Joint Pain 

  • Poor Joint Lubrication 


Easy-to-mix supplements are a simple way to add important health components to your dog’s life and diet without hassle. Whether feeding your dog medicinal supplements and herbs as a treatment, or to promote better overall health, the benefits are inevitable!


Remember, at-home treatments never replace a diagnosis/examination from a professional. If you suspect your dog is suffering from tendon trauma, first visit the vet for further diagnostic, followed by a discussion about suitable at-home care options.