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Holistic Dog Care: Taking a Whole Doggie Approach to Wellness

holistic dog care

Holistic Dog Care

The definition of ‘Holistic’ is taking a whole body approach, rather than simply symptoms of a disease. If we are to be serious about immunity for dogs, then we need to take a whole dog approach to holistic dog care. This is easier said than done in your home and is much harder to find holistic vets for your dog, so we will concentrate on holistic dog care at home.

The first place to start is immunity for dogs

From day one, we as dog owners have a daily hand in our dogs’ health. Dog health is best determined by dog immunity and vitality because we don’t have specific diseases that we need to address yet. So when we are taking a holistic dog care view, our true goal is to NOT get sick or diseased rather than how well we can treat a disease. This kind of preventative maintenance isn’t always first hand information in the US, our health model is about treating diseases

Preventative Maintenance: The key to Holistic Dog Care

When we use a different health model that uses a holistic approach, we are looking at herbal treatments, homeopathic treatments, acupuncture, ayurveda, and more. These holistic care models use foods, herbs, supplements, and things you can do at home for prevention, treatment of diseases, and of course immunity for dogs.

The very first day and everyday you feed your dog you are lending a hand to preventative maintenance. Ultimately herbs and most holistic dog care treatment and remedies use food and superfoods, which are essentially what herbs are. So our choices of food, the quality, the amount, the macros, and the love you put into it; go into caring for your dog using preventative maintenance. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” – Hippocrates

We know as humans that foods and how much we take of them can have cancerous consequences. Hence, when we feed our dogs a balanced diet which is sourced from quality ingredients and contains all the micro and macro nutrients that they need, we are boosting immunity for dogs and using the first step in holistic dog care.

After quality food is sourced and fed daily, the next step to holistic dog care preventative maintenance is using herbs and supplements. I prefer to use the word ‘supplement’ here as we want to use ‘tonics’ and not herbal remedies or other ‘remedies’ as these often contain herbs and ingredients that have a more harsh effect on the dog (this is what we want when we need to ‘remedy’ something, hence remedies are for as needed and supplements can be used everyday). Below are some areas of supplementation that all dogs can benefit from even from day 1.

Holistic Dog Care Supplements:

  • Immunity – start day 1
  • Brain – start day 1
  • Skin – start after 1-2 years
  • Kidneys – start after 1-2 years
  • Joints – start at first sign of issues or after 4 years
  • Tendons – start at first sign of issues or after 4 years
  • Ligaments – start at first sign of issues or after 4 years
  • Bones – start at first sign of issues or after 4 years

At Doggie Herbs we use herbs in combinations to create holistic dog care superfood supplements. You can buy ready made holistic supplements for dogs or you can buy herbs individually to suit you and your dog’s needs. For the healthiest dog you want to focus attention on herbs for immunity for dogs. A small portion of immunity mushrooms for dogs everyday can save you thousands of dollars in future vet trips and give your dog the most amount of years they can! There are so many herbs and mushrooms for immunity for dogs, but I will list some here:

Herbal Immunity for Dogs

Mushroom Immunity for Dogs

If you are interested in herbs for supplementation of your dog, Doggie Herbs carries: Dog Tendon and Ligament Supplement, Dog Joint Supplement, and Dog Bones Supplement. We also carry holistic immunity for dogs supplements including: Dog Immunity Boost Blend with Mushrooms, and Turkey Tail supplement

Want to know more about the science behind Turkey Tail and immunity for dogs? Check out our article: The Science of Turkey Tail and Immunity. If your dog has been diagnosed with cancer and would like more information please see: Herb and Mushrooms for Dogs with Cancer. You can also contact us for help with what products to use.