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Over 5,000 years ago humans and domesticated dogs formed a mutually beneficial connection together. We provided our furry friends with food and shelter in exchange for: security, warmth, transportation, companionship, hunting, protection, herding, emotional support, and on and on…

Bound together in companonship thousands of years before modern medicine, health and wellness came from nature. We used our knowledge of herbs for dogs and ourselves making herbal remedies to treat all conditions for both man and dog. Our natural medicine included herbal supplements to prevent illness and disease also which made our original connection with healing dogs a fully holistic approach.

Enter Doggie Herbs, bringing thousands of years of herbal healing knowledge into herbal dog remedies and herbal supplements for dogs. Our 100% natural dog products are human grade and lab tested to ensure the highest quality herbs for dogs on the market go into our products.

At Doggie Herbs our furry friends are our family, and family deserves the best!

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Our Lab Tested Herbs for Dogs


  • Doggie Ruff Tendons


    Doggie Ruff Tendons powder is among our most popular powder in our line-up of our potent healing formulas for dogs. This powder is for any furry friend who needs ligament and/or tendon healing, nourishment and strengthening in faster time than normal. Doggie Ruff Tendons is useful for tendon injuries recovery, healing damage, tear recovery, and any or all complaints related to tendons, ligaments, or sinew (ropey muscles). Doggie Herbs’ herbal tendon powder has been tested and proven effective in all kinds of injuries and accidents including: shoulder injuries (stifle), cruciate ligament damage, degeneration of ligaments, ACL tear, tendinitis, sprains, dislocations and much more. (The only caveat here is that the tendon / ligament is not ruptured, herbs cannot grab to pieces and mend them together)

  • Doggie Ruff Joints


    Doggie Ruff Joints lab tested potent powder offers complete joint care for dogs. Our herbal joint renewal supplements give effective pain relief,  joint healing, restoration, lubrication and even strengthening! Using the best herbs and minerals out there, we have formulated the best joint supplements for dogs in the exact ratios your furry friends need!

  • Doggie Anti Inflammatory


    Doggie Herbs’ anti-Inflammatory and pain relief herbal remedy for dogs was developed to help with orthopedic pains, arthritis, joint pain, poor lubrication, etc without needing to worry about side effects. Our lab tested formula revolves around the latest research out there for herbal inflammation treatment, our own studies and clinical usage, and lastly about increasing proper healthy circulation (how can we get the new nutrients in and the old waste out without good circulation?). Our 100% herbal based product is powerful and effective as well as completely ALL-natural without any non-herbal ingredients. This product will come in handy use after use on your shelf.

  • Doggie Ruff Bones


    Doggie Ruff Bones powder is a very focused formula – to heal and strengthen bones. Although it’s focused on a single thing (doggie bones!!!!!!), this bone mending formula is the solution for: broken bone and fracture healing, trauma to bones – bruising as well as breaks, and non-direct trauma where there is poor bone healing or some other problem with weak, brittle, or a poor knit to a furry friend’s bone. Additionally, this herbal remedy for bone healing for dogs has the ability to heal and mend surrounding tendon and ligament tissue which usually also get injured during bone trauma. This same property also makes this formula for back & spine issues as well as any doggie cartilage problems there may be. Worried your furry friend is in pain during this process? Feel better knowing we include all natural and herbal pain relief for dog bone injuries in our formulation!

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