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The Mushrooms You Need to Boost Your Dogs Immunity

Immunity Boost for Dogs Right In Their Food Bowl?

When choosing to welcome a dog into our families we imagine them living a long, healthy and playful life with us. More and more holistic dog foods are coming out on the market and dog owners are taking more interest in the well-being of their furry friends. We want to make sure that our dogs are eating the best of the best in hopes of them living the best life possible. The saying that goes “dog is man’s best friend” could not be truer. We may not be able to choose every ingredient in their food, but now days its easy to supplement our dogs with herbs, nutrients, supplements, and mushrooms!

A good working immune system is what everyone needs to keep well. Think of the immune system as a web of cells, tissues and proteins that are in a constant battle to defend our bodies from microorganisms and other intruders. The white blood cells, also known as leukocytes, play the biggest role in defending us. They are the main destroyers of those invading germs that make us and our animals sick. If you have a dog that spends quite a bit of time in kennels and boarding homes with other dogs, you will want to keep their immune system good and strong. This also goes for specific dog breeds that are kn

own to be prone to certain types of cancers or disease.

There are countless studies of vitamins, minerals and super foods that are filled with antioxidants that are a great immunity boost for dogs and in return keep them staying healthy. Mushrooms are just one of these foods, that if added more into a dogs diets we can increase their leukocyte count and therefore enhance their immune system. However, not just any mushroom can do this but only a certain few. With over 140,000 different mushroom species there are a vast variety of mushrooms that we do not see at our everyday grocery store – while they are still good for us and our furry friends, these are not the ones that help fight off those deadly cancer cells and other intruding microorganisms.

Some Mushroom Facts:

  • High in Bioavailable Vitamin D (one of the few natural sources)
  • Packed with Antioxidants
  • Fungi are more closely related to animals than plants are
  • Boost immunity in animals 4 different ways!

Mushrooms to Boost Immunity in Dogs

Turkey Tail, Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps and Lion’s Mane are the five branches of mushrooms that you should be on the hunt for if you are searching to boost your pet’s immune system. While they all have extremely funny names, these mushrooms are anything but. They are filled with medicinal benefits and will most likely only be found in health food stores. The main ingredient in medicinal mushrooms are polysaccharides, also known as beta-glucan. These are what will boost and simulate the immunity system


  • Turkey Tail


Not only is this type of mushroom great for fighting the common cold or flu, it is also extremely beneficial in fighting cancer cells. They receive their name from their colorful feathery appearance, just like that of a turkey’s tail. They are known to grow almost anywhere, and are most commonly found on dead trees and stumps. They can be eaten whole, boiled into a tea or 

made into capsules for medicinal use. Once used to help respiratory and gut health, doctors are now using these mushrooms all over the world as dog immunity supplements. The Turkey Tail contains beneficial sugars, polysaccharides, which help preserve the bodies lymphocytes.

In fact, just a daily dose of these mushrooms has been proven to help the immune system of dogs that have been diagnosed with cancer. The dosage has been proven to lengthen a dog’s life that has cancer, and double the amount of precious time they have left with us.


  • Reishi (Ling Zhi / Ganoderma)


The mushroom of immortality is another name that has been dubbed for this medicinal mushroom which also goes by lingzhi in pinyin. They have numerous benefits for dogs which include 

slowing the aging process, controlling allergies, protects the liver and helps fight cancer cells. It is more regularly being used in canine medicine because of all the benefits that it provides. There are four main ingredients that the Reishi mushroom contain that help boost your dog’s immunity. Triterpenes is the main ingredient which shows anti-tumor effects. Water soluble-polysaccharides that act as a prebiotic. Ling Zhi-8, a protein that helps suppress key cells in the immune system. Anti-Oxidants like Zinc and Vitamin C which help aid in the intruder cells.

Ling Zhi is one of the most popular Chinese herbs, let alone mushrooms. Reishi mushroom has thousands of years in use as providing health to emperors, vitality and well being as well as one of the most anti-tumor herbal medicinals there is.


  • Chaga


Chaga mushrooms are commonly boiled in teas to enhance their immune system benefits. They are also now being used for dogs as an immunity boost for dogs. This type of dog immunity supplement can now be found in capsules, dog treats and as an extract to mix in with dog foods.

If you are looking for something to really give your canine friend an immunity boost than Chaga mushrooms are the way to go. Toxin invaders will now think twice about attacking your canine pet.



  • Cordyceps (Dong Chong Xia Cao)


Preventing tumors, removing free radicals, improves energy, and strengthens kidney function are just some of the benefits that this mushroom provides – it is an immunity boost for dogs all-around. The Cordyceps are popular for their almost caterpillar appearance and most commonly found in very high altitudes in the Himalayas, as well as the Tibetan plateau. It is vastly expensive to purchase due to extreme location of where it flourishes. Nevertheless, the Cordyceps have been the most effective in fighting immunity in dogs.

In Chinese Medicine cordyceps dates back thousands of years in use, they call it Dong Chong Xia Cao. This herb is highly prized for its vitality and immunity boosting abilities.



  • Lion’s Mane


Yes, this mushroom has a very humorous name but the benefits it gives makes it a strong competitor in the immunity world. So, with its mane appearance and its great strength, this mushroom truly deserves its name. Not only is it an immune enhancer but it is also antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antitumor enhancer as well. It contains two powerful molecules that have been proven to fight invaders and strengthen the immunity for dogs.


Buy Organic Mushrooms for Dogs

Mushrooms are more than just a fungus. They are complex organisms that hold great benefits to both humans and canines. They have thousands of enzymes, proteins and nutrients that we should all be introducing more of into our daily diets. Not only will your doggy friend appreciate you giving them a healthy life, but you will feel better in doing so as well.

Organic mushrooms have caught on to enough popularity to make them more widely available. At one time organic mushrooms were sold to humans in powder by the ounce, but market demand has created more organic mushroom farming which makes it easy to choose organic for your dog as well!

Doggie Herbs offers Organic Mushroom Immunity Boost for Dogs that contains Organic Turkey Tail, Organic Chaga, Organic Reishi, Organic Cordyceps, and Organic Lion’s Mane! In addition to these Organic mushrooms the doctor formulated immunity supplement for dogs contains effective Chinese Medicine Herbs that are researched and lab tested.

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