Our Lab Tested Herbs for Dogs

We talk about our lab tested herbs and using the best premium herbs, but what does it all mean?


our herbs come from farms that lab test their herbs to prove quality. By using only these farms our herbs have guaranteed analysis and are of higher quality than standard grade herbs. Additionally because they are lab tested herbs we know they contain no sulphur, pesticide residue, heavy metals or aluminum. Additionally, we test for quality markers, microbiology, and proper soil content. In many cases we use herbs that are Certified Organic and even better Wildcrafted.


herbs are a natural and organic product. This means they vary batch to batch and crop to crop. However, when you get a full analysis on the herbs you are using, we can buy lots that are consistent as possible and offer an effective product all year round


the biggest reasons for using lab tested herbs are to ensure they are free of: bad microbiology, sulphur, pesticides, and heavy metals. With such analysis we can ensure the safest product possible. Such extra costs in testing is where Doggie Herbs shows our commitment to treating furry friends like family. On top of using lab tested herbs for dogs we also resterilize each batch after the formula is combined.

Although we say “herbs for dogs” our herbs are of higher human grade quality, we buy from the source and create the best dog herbal products!

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