Doggie Anti Inflammatory w Natural Pain Relief

Doggie Anti Inflammatory w Natural Pain Relief


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Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs by Doggie Herbs

  • EASY TO MIX – Features a “no fuss” scoop and serve powdered formula that mixes well with water.  Includes a measuring spoon
  • PAIN KILLER – Potent dosage of anti-inflammatory herbs formulated to help with arthritis, orthopedic, and most hip and joint pains for dogs
  • SAFE – Comprised of an exclusive human grade dog care formula with high quality ingredients & ZERO side effects
  • LAB TESTED – Doctor formulated and pet owner approved dog health supplements to provide faster pain relief for dogs
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FOR ETHICAL PETS  – Products are sustainably sourced within the USA and promote the humane treatment of all animals
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100% Natural, Safe & Effective Herbal Anti Inflammatory for Dogs

Doggie Herbs’ anti-Inflammatory and pain relief herbal remedy for dogs was developed to help with orthopedic pains, arthritis, joint pain, poor lubrication, etc without needing to worry about side effects. Our lab tested formula revolves around the latest research out there for herbal inflammation treatment, our own studies and clinical usage, and lastly about increasing proper healthy circulation (how can we get the new nutrients in and the old waste out without good circulation?). Our 100% herbal based product is powerful and effective as well as completely ALL-natural without any non-herbal ingredients. This product will come in handy use after use on your shelf.

Introducing Doggie Herbs Anti-Inflammatory with Natural Pain Relief.  This potent, 100% all natural, one-stop-shop herbal solution was developed to help relieve your dog of:

  • Inflammation
  • Arthritis Pain
  • Orthopedic Pain
  • Hip and Joint Pain
  • Poor Joint Lubrication
  • & more!

Anti-Inflammatory and pain relief herbal remedies for dogs are in high demand. Many types of ailments, injuries, many foods and even normal muscle use will elicit an inflammatory response in your furry friend. Often during these inflammatory responses the reaction can lead to high levels of inflammation and pain (often histamine).

There is a reason for this response and for the most part it is essential and helpful to your furry friend. It provides your dog with circulation, nutrition, and anything else needed including clotting factors should you be cut or have internal damage. On occasion there is too much sent, the dog is too sensitive, or the doggie keeps over-reacting.

Herbal Anti Inflammatory For Dogs

There can be a long list of reasons that herbal anti inflammatory for dogs remedies are recommended. Many people default to NSAIDs, but as the label on the bottle will tell you they are not very good for your furry friend’s liver and in most cases the kidneys either. Most natural approaches are normally oral herbs or oils, although external products are used as well. These natural remedies come with zero side effects in most cases.

Key Herbs

Jiang Huang / Curcumin / Medicinal Turmeric: Jiang Huang and its active ingredient curcumin has been researched for inflammation due to its consistency in anti-inflammatory effects over many many years. This is the most widely used herb for inflammation also thanks to its positive effects to the liver and its circulation enhancement.

Yan Hu Suo / Corydalis: Corydalis hit big news in 2013-2014 when in research/pharmaceutical settings they were effectively able to treat many pain cases and lower inflammation for those patients. Well, you currently don’t need a prescription to take corydalis and combined with other beneficial herbs the affinity effect is compounded. Yan Hu Suo is by far the go to herb for pain and circulation and western science has confirmed this.

Yu Jin / Curcumin: Yu Jin is a similar species to Jiang Huang, both being curcumin plants. These two herbs have similar functions in benefiting the liver, reducing inflammation and improving circulation.

Hong Hua / Safflower: Safflower is a widely used herb for pain, circulation and aiding nutritive blood to engorge muscles (providing healing and pain relief). Although an expensive herb, you don’t need to use very much to get results. This light flower gives quick relief and is essential to combining with other healing herbs in the formula to actually help fix the problem over time rather than just needing to take pills forever.

Overview of Doggie Herbal Anti Inflammatory For Dogs

-Use for pain relief and inflammation for dogs before or after use that aggravates. For chronic or acute inflammation.

-Does Not negatively affect your dog’s liver or digestion like OTC medication may.

Actions: Reduces inflammation, moves blood and qi, increases circulation, aids in the quick start healing process, relieves pain. All natural and all herbal blend!


100g lab tested Powder Bottles with ~1g scooper. The raw herb and extracts used in this formula equates to 1500mg of raw herb per scoop.

Dosage and Ingredients:

Dosing is by weight daily. Can be used anytime as needed. Full dosage and instructions are on the label.

100% Herbal Lab Tested Ingredients: Jiang Huang / Turmeric Rhiz, Hu Zhong, Bushy Knotweed, Yu Jin / Turmeric Tuber, Dan Shen / Salvia Root, Dang Gui / Angelica Chinensis, Bai Shao / Peony Alba, Shu Di Huang / Rhemmania prep, Tao Ren / Peach Kernel, Chuan Xiong / Ligustison, Mu Dan Pi / Muton Cortex, Zhi Zi / Gardenia, Yan Hu Suo / Corydalis. In both raw and whole herb extract.


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