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Top 5 Herbal Pain Remedies for Dogs You Need to Know About

Many pet owners are depending on herbal remedies for dogs for treating their four-legged friends for various ailments. According to animal experts, animals with poor health in the wild will rely on herbs so that they can deal with their injuries or illness.

There are some effective herbs that you should know about. You never know when they might help you save a few bucks on your visits to a veterinarian. Here are five of the most effective ones:

1.Aloe Vera – This thorny leafed is pretty good at what it does. In fact, its medicinal value has immensely been appreciated since the olden times. This herb has been known to not only heal wounds, but stomach ulcers in people.

Aren’t you thankful to know that aloe vera is also good for your best friend, if it’s applied topically? This herb can be applied for treating scrapes, skin irritations, and minor burns because it’s loaded with cooling as well as antibacterial properties. However, it’s important for dog owners to make sure that their furry friend should NOT eat or lick Aloe Vera or its leaves of Aloe Vera plants. This is because eating or licking this herb can lead to certain gastrointestinal problems if ingested in a large quantity.

2.Calendula Flowers – The radiant flowers of this herb (can be grown easily) may be beneficial for your dog when treating cuts, scrapes, and wounds. Even though it’s got several different applications, Calendula Flowers are usually used to heal wounds.

3.Cayenne – Another effective herb for dogs is cayenne. Capsaicin, the compound in it, has the ability to block pain. Moreover, it can increase circulation in dogs besides activating the anti-inflammatory mediators of the dog’s body at the area where it’s applied.

Consider buying a cream or an ointment of this herb, as it happens to be one of the most often used herbal remedies for dogs to provide relief from pain in their stiff or arthritic joints.

4.Ginger – The root of the ginger (one of the most effective ones for dogs) herb is not only pleasing to the taste, but it’s been admired for many centuries considerably as a medicinal herb.

The antispasmodic property of fresh ginger is a good herbal remedy for your furry friend. It’ll give relief from pain in stomach and lower back. This herb (ginger) can be used as dressing when it comes to treating strains as well as pains in the muscle.



5.Turmeric – Does your four-legged friend have joint pain? Then turmeric is probably the most widely used herb for treating joint pain and inflammation. This herb is very effective in treating arthritis and can be fed to your best friend as a dietary supplement.

Have room for growing herbs? If you do, then you must consider growing some. They will be beneficial for your furry friend in every way. They can be used to treat some of the most common problems pertaining to your dog’s health.



Final Words

Humans have been making an extensive use of herbs since ages. These herbs, when used effectively, provide much needed relief. If you have a dog and he’s suffering from a health problem, there are several herbal remedies for dogs that can help you give the right treatment to your ailing dog, if used in the right way.