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Doggie Herbs

Herbal Remedies and Supplements for Dogs

Herbs For Dogs

Over 5,000 years ago humans and domesticated dogs formed a mutually beneficial connection together. We provided our furry friends with food and shelter in exchange for: security, warmth, transportation, companionship, hunting, protection, herding, emotional support, and on and on…

Bound together in companionship thousands of years before modern medicine, health and wellness came from nature. We used our knowledge of herbs for dogs and ourselves making herbal remedies to treat all conditions for both man and dog. Our natural medicine included herbal supplements to prevent illness and disease also which made our original connection with healing dogs a fully holistic approach.

Enter Doggie Herbs, bringing thousands of years of herbal healing knowledge into herbal dog remedies and herbal supplements for dogs. Our 100% natural dog products are human grade and lab tested to ensure the highest quality herbs for dogs on the market go into our products.


“I crafted formulas for my dogs needs, they are my family. I offer these formulas to those who feel the same about their furry friends” –Dr. Sean Russell, OMD Founder of Doggie Herbs

Why we started

As dog lovers we have noticed that many dogs are plagued by various unknown diseases and allergies such as cancer, eczema or depression. Conventional treatments can sometimes provide instant relief to treat your dog’s ailments but may have side effects which may affect the immunity, quality skin, healthy fur, energy or overall health of your dog.

Overuse of chemical medications can lead to chronic illness, even holistic veterinarians are recommending herbal treatment for having stomach infections, skin allergies, weak bones and other severe problems.  

Our herbal remedies for dogs work more effectively to treat your furry friends without leaving adverse effects. Expert made herbal formulas are well known to be able to treat ailments without side effects. Our doctor formulated herbal dog remedies have been crafted to help your dog from a variety of ailments.

How Does Herbal Treatment work Better than Conventional Medication?

Conventional medication process looks at the disease in isolation where they just emphasize on removing or suppressing the symptoms as quickly as possible. Vets often prescribe the antibiotics to treat the bacterial infections and viral as well. But, it is important to know that the antibiotics leave a strong impact that can weaken the pet’s immune system causing further health problems.

However, herbalists recommend overall physical examination to determine the underlying causes of a disease instead of suppressing an ailment. It helps to strengthen the weakened or diseased organ, regulate or boost the immunity and work on the body functions to a state of normalcy.

These days, herbs for dogs are available in different forms so you can easily give a few drops in their water bowl or tonics for easy consumption. The appropriate use and rigorous medicinal properties of a herbal dog remedies can regular and normalize the activities of one or more organs.

Herbal Remedies for Dogs

How to Treat your Pet With Herbal Remedies for Dogs

We help you to enjoy the synergistic effects which may provide the long-term benefits on your dog’s health in many ways. It boosts the immune system of your dog and harmonizes the body’s organs system. it detoxifies your dog’s body, calm your dog’s nervous system and add a nutritional value to their overall diet. Since ancient times, pet owners have been using natural ingredients and herbs for dogs.

When used properly, herbal healing for dogs can help a dog to improve overall health without leaving adverse effects.

It improves the overall body organs of your dog

It supports his overall body wellness

It is useful for strengthening the immune system

According to the dog care experts, herbal healing for dogs can provide better result and health improvement benefits without leaving an adverse effect.

Let’s have a look at some popular ingredients for herbal supplements for dogs:

Alfalfa: Alfalfa is beneficial for dogs to treat arthritis and allergies

Aloe vera juice: Aloe vera juice for ulcers, acid stomach, arthritis and more

Black walnut: Black walnut work naturally and known as a natural dewormer which is used to treat fungal infections

Chamomile: Chamomile for pain and inflammation in the intestines and stomach

Echinacea: Echinacea is recommended to fight infections and improve the immune system

Garlic: Garlic is a very good and effective as it considers as a natural antibiotic

Glucosamine and chondroitin: Use Glucosamine and Chondroitin to address arthritis and joint problems and to rebuild cartilage

Green tea: Green tea as an aid to your dog’s immune system (it’s a powerful antioxidant)

Herbal Supplements for Dogs

Precautions when using Herbal Supplements for Dogs

Herbs usually act slowly than western medications so don’t expect to use these herbal remedies for dogs s don’t expect “quick-fix”. It takes approximately 60-90 days to see any significant improvement in your pet’s health.  

Herbs for dogs are more gentle to our pets than the conventional medications. It is not advised to use herbs in place of vet consultation, especially in the event of a life-threatening condition.

Herbal supplements for dogs are best used to support and improve the overall well-being of your pets. Also, these are treating chronic disease but not preferred in the emergency situation.

Obtain the rigorous benefits of the best quality herbs only from the reputed, trusted or certified supplier.

There are lots of safe herbs for dogs available in the market that you can buy to treat your pets but there are some ingredients you should know quite harmful to your pets.

At Doggie Herbs our furry friends are our family, and family deserves the best!

With the help of your herbs he lived with Anal Sac Carcinoma for almost an additional two years. -K
Carcinoma and Immunity Blend
Dear Doggie Herb family, Well... with tears in my eyes... I need to tell you.. the same vet that told me to put my dog down... called and told me that not only does he NOT need surgery, but he also does NOT need his splint anymore!!! Xray show the healing!!! 6 weeks of splint, herbs, prayers and TLC and my Beastie is HEALED! Please party with your peeps. Today is a good day! We can't thank you enough! #plantpower #ourGodgivesusplants #healing #healers
Ruff Tendon Success
To Whom It May Concern, First I have to say that your product helped my old Newfoundland with her dragging paws. Where vet medications made her worse. Lions mains power of regenerating nerves really helped my dog with her paw dragging while it never went back 100% I would say it healed her 90%.
Dear Healers, My husband and I give you a 1000 star review! We've only had our dog (with a broken leg) on your product for 2 days and we already see a huge difference!! We didn't expect him to return to his old ornery dog so soon... but he's BACK! We call him "Beastie 2.0"!! At almost 16 years old, the vet said to put him down. We KNEW (sometimes you know) it wasn't time yet.... with YOUR product, we were right! We expected the herbs to heal his bones, but we didn't know they would help him feel so good that it would bring the life back to his eyes! We are eternally grateful and will be back to get more product for sure! So grateful,
Beastie Boy and his mom and dad!
Our family is amazed at how your products have changed our beloved labrador, Lucie! About 18 months ago, we found your product, Doggie Immunity, after our 9 year-old lab had 2 tumors removed. Two different cancers, unclean margins, and further surgery and radiation treatment did not sound like the way we wanted to go. I researched and landed on Doggie Herbs. Since she started the herbs, she has shown no signs of regrowth or sickness. We suspected that the herbs were working, but of course had no objective tests to indicate what we thought. Lucie LOVES to hike and swim and to be outside with our family. After a fun day outdoors, she would struggle to get up off her pillow to head up to bed. We recently stopped the joint supplement (another brand) that we were giving her and added Doggie Anti-Inflammatory to her regime. Just one jar and she has responded beautifully! I can't wait to see how she does at the beach! A heartfelt thanks for your products. They have made such a difference for our dog and therefore for our family. We will let every dog lover in our lives and our vet know about your products; we have so much confidence in them! Thank you for making such a difference in our dog's life!! Gratefully,


  • Super Turkey Tail by Doggie Herbs – 550mg Beta Glucan per 1g scoop

    • ORGANIC TURKEY TAIL MUSHROOM – contains the highest quality USDA Organic Turkey Tail extract for dog immunity
    • HIGHEST QUALITY – 100% Organic Mushrooms-  550mg of Beta Glucan in every gram scoop. Hot water extracted mushrooms with ZERO mycelium (100% fruiting body).
    • IMMUNE SOLUTIONS – Herbal immunity supplements for dogs designed to provide immune boosting, longevity, disease fighting, shiny coat, cancer fighting and more.
  • Doggie Immunity-Bulk Bag 450g

    • Immunity Blend in bulk size
    • Great for big dogs or those double dosing their dogs
    • Comes in a resealable mylar bag with measuring scoop
    • Least amount of waste possible
    • 4.5 jars of product for only $89
    • Limited stock, please email if it shows out of stock so we can advise
  • Doggie Immunity with Organic Mushroom Blend


    ***ORGANIC Mushrooms are expensive and continue to increase costs. We are doing everything to keep our prices as low as possible!***

    • ORGANIC MUSHROOM MIX – contains the highest quality USDA Organic Turkey Tail, Organic Reishi, Organic Chaga, Organic Cordyceps, Organic Lion’s Mane for dog immunity
    • HIGHEST QUALITY – 100% Organic Mushrooms, 500mg of herbal immunity boost and 223mg of Beta Glucan in every scoop. Hot water extracted mushrooms with ZERO mycelium (100% fruiting body).
    • IMMUNE SOLUTIONS – Herbal immunity supplements for dogs designed to provide immune boosting, longevity, disease fighting, shiny coat, cancer fighting and more. 
    • SAFE – Comprised of an exclusive human grade dog care formula with high quality ingredients & ZERO side effects
    • LAB TESTED – Human Grade herbs and mushrooms tested for purity and strength including Beta-glucan content, doctor formulated and pet owner approved dog health supplements to provide immunity increase for dogs
    • EASY TO MIX – Features a “no fuss” scoop and serve that mixes with wet food, treat food, or a little cottage cheese.  Includes a measuring spoon
  • Doggie Ruff Tendons – Tendon & Ligament Care


    Dog Ligament and Tendon Healing by Doggie Herbs

    • EASY TO MIX – Features a “no fuss” scoop and serve healthy-joints powdered formula that mixes well with water.  Includes a measuring spoon
    • HEALING SOLUTIONS – Herbal ligament and tendon supplements for dogs designed to provide faster healing and recovery for sprains, tears, degenerative joints issues and more.
    • SAFE – Comprised of an exclusive human grade dog care formula with high quality ingredients & ZERO side effects
    • LAB TESTED – Doctor formulated and pet owner approved dog health supplements to provide tendon strengthening recovery for dogs
    • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY FOR ETHICAL PETS  – Products are sustainably sourced within the USA and promote the humane treatment of all animals
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