About Us

Our Motto

At Doggie Herbs our furry friends are our family, and family deserves the best! Our herbal dog products are 100% all natural and lab tested to human grade standards.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to bringing thousands of years of healing knowledge to you and your furry friends. We are dedicated to sourcing lab tested quality herbs and ingredients for our products. All formulas are 100% natural and each ingredient is human grade along with being lab tested. All formulas are made in the USA with clear instructions on dosing and usage. No herbal knowledge or quality worries needed in order to bring powerful medicine and supplementation to your furry friends

Our Responsibility

At Doggie Herbs, we believe it is our responsibility to protect our planet. We reuse packing material obtained from other companies and everything we use in house is recycled. Packing materials we purchase have a high percentage of post-consumer and recycled material. All our products are shipped in recyclable containers. We use recycled paper and natural non-toxic inks for all our paper and printing. We are always trying to shrink our carbon footprint, and we use energy efficient equipment, lighting, heating, and cooling systems. Additionally we ship using the smallest carbon footprint possible.

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