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Feeding Tips

These instructions and tips should help anyone that is using these powders for the first time, those with dogs with sensitive stomachs, those with dogs who are picky eaters, or those who have tried to feed and the dog would not eat it.
Our herbal powders are 100% natural and contain no additives, flavors or preservatives. Although flavoring can seem like a good idea, they aren’t natural and organic so we wont use them.
Treats are good for your dog as “treats”. They give your dog a reward for whatever the reason, these treats (even if you buy hip treats or anything) there isn’t enough actual medicine in them to treat worn out hips or ACL tears. Our powders are full of medicine and they are to be used as needed and therefore they are more potent.

Mixing Powder with food to feed

The ingredients in our products are all natural, and except for the Joint formula which has Chondroitin, MSM, and Glucosamine in it, they are 100% herbal. This means the products are completely natural and plant based which are eaten naturally by animals.

When these herbs are mixed properly with food, it gives the food a herbal flavor, just like if you made curry at home.

First thing is that you can't mix these powders with dry food even with adding water, it is way too
strong and even adding water will make the food super dry, hence they won't eat it. It turns into the ‘cinnamon challenge’ for dogs if you use kibble and the powder.

The best way to use the powders is to use wet food of some kind, or homemade dog food, can food, fresh food, raw food, etc. You can even use cottage cheese if you like.
For small dogs, you can usually simply feed your dog wet food of some kind with the powder
mixed in.

For this simply add to the dog bowl the amount of food food and scoop in the dose and mix thoroughly. You can even add a little extra water, broth, milk, etc for extra moisture if you like.

For medium to large dogs it may not be feasible to feed them only wet food for a number of reasons. If you feed them all wet type food, simply follow the directions above.

For these doggies you can try a couple of different feeding ways.

  1. Mix a scoop or wet food, treat food, cottage cheese or whatever with the herb dose, add more moisture with water, broth or milk if desired and feed to your doggie(s). Then feed them their kibble afterward. This allows them to get their medicine in first with what would really seem like a treat to them as they are usually fed kibble
  2. Mix the wet food and herbal powder together just as above, except you can then mix that
    into their kibble food and feed them all at once, this should really jazz up their food as
    they are used to eating only kibble

I Gave it to My Dog and He Wont Eat It

First thing is to make sure you are following the guidelines above on feeding - ensuring enough moisture, ensuring there is wet food to mix the herbs with to create the right flavor, etc.

However, read this section first before feeding again

My Dog Is A Picky Eater / My Dog Wont Eat It

This is all about making positive associations!

 So what happens here is the dog notices this new smell of herbs in the food, if they wont touch it or eat it, they aren’t trusting of the smell. It is likely overwhelming the normal smell of their regular food, and of course if its a picky eater issue then they are not likely to try anything that is not in the normal wheelhouse.

 What we do here is change the herbs to a positive association. The best thing to do is to feed your doggie their normal food and add in a little of the wet food or whatever you are using for the herbs. We have to get a baseline that he knows those 2 are good to go, we want your doggie to eat the new base and their food and get a positive result from the change.

 Next feeding SPRINKLE the herbs into the wet base food and either feed directly or mix with his other food. It is important that you are simply 'seasoning' the wet food with the herbs.

 They should eat it and now they have associated the herbs with 'treat food'.  Additionally their system will tell him the contents were safe and good for them, another plus.

 From here you will just ramp up to your desired dosage. Go slow, there isn’t a rush, try and match your dog's tolerance with the increases in dose. As you can see it is really about making this feeding positive and good for your doggie, the more confident you are and positive about it to your dog, they will also be more likely to eat their herbs.

 After a few days you will be ramped up and you wont need to do any extra steps or anything, just find out which way he likes best and work with them. These extra steps at first can be a small inconvenience, but the effects of the herbs on dogs is quite remarkable and is worth giving a good try. Email us for more help if you need it, we are always happy to help!