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How to Heal Tendon Injuries in Your Dog at Home: Including Tendinitis, CCT, and Shoulders/ Hips

The Common Tendon Problems Dogs Face The most common issue your pup is going to encounter with their tendons is tendinitis. Tendonitis happens from injury, some type of repetitive injury or from build up of calcium on the bone or tendon. Tendonitis is extremely common and not very serious. Lets look at the 3 main issues with tendons your dog…

Turkey Tail Supplements & Medicinal Mushrooms for Immunity & Cancer Support in Dogs

What Science and Medical Studies Say About Mushrooms Maybe you have been recommended Turkey Tail (trametes versicolor) by your veterinarian or friend? Maybe you found out about Turkey Tail online? Maybe this is your first article researching Turkey Tail or even other medicinal mushrooms? In any case, you are on the right track because Turkey Tail is an excellent mushroom…

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