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Best Dog Food: What Do You Have In Your Doggie Bag?

Best Dog Food: What Do You Have In Your Doggie Bag?

Every person who owns a dog aims to feed him with the best dog food available. However, with the hundreds of dog food varieties in the market, choosing which would be most suitable for your dog can become quite a hard feat. There are some experts who assert that dog food that is home made is best, while there are some who stand by their opinion that commercial dog food is so much better.

Some dogs need to be fed just once daily, while some dogs of larger breeds need more feedings. Though most dogs prefer food that are meat-based, some owners are able to give their dogs a vegetarian diet, which is quite alright as long as they are able to get their complete nutrients. It would be wisest to take a trip to the vet and ask for guidance in determining what kind of diet and how much dog food will fit your dog best. This is to ensure that your dog’s diet would be as nutritious and as balanced as possible.

Here are some of the kinds of dog food available in the market today.

Prepackaged dog food is quickly becoming a hit. For those dog owners that are too busy to prepare homemade meals for their pets, a lot opt for these prepackaged meals. They are very much like homemade meals, so they are sure to give your dog the balanced nutrition he needs. They are made from organic and natural ingredients and are usually come in dry form. Although this kind of dog food can be quite costly, you would at least be able to make sure that your dog is eating the best food, which results in better health and lower bills from the vet.

But for owners who are not able to afford dog food, which has been prepackaged, they do have the option of making homemade dog food yourself or probably just buying commercial dog food. And if you choose to buy commercial dog food, you must know that there are three types: the semi-moist, the canned and the dry.

The most common kind of commercial dog food would probably be the dry food, because it is least costly and hygienic. It is usually the food chosen by dog breeders. It contains a proper blend of grains, fats, meat-based products, vitamins and minerals, as these are actually all a dog needs. But remember that dry dog food only has small water content and this is why it must be accompanied with lots of water.

In contrast, canned dog food is probably the most delectable for dogs because of its moistness. This kind of dog food has 65% water content. They are also usually made from real ingredients. Because canned dog food typically has the necessary preservatives to maintain their freshness, ensure that those used would be all natural such as vitamin E and vitamin C. Though canned food seems to be most popular with dogs, remember that dogs who would exclusively eat canned dog food would be at more risk in developing problems of the teeth and gums.

Semi-moist dog food are not really recommended by veterinarians as they have numerous additives that may be bad for dogs’ health.

Aside from feeding them the right kind of food, remember to give them adequate fluids in the form of water. Like in humans, water is also an important component of your dog’s body. Make sure that he always has access to water to prevent cases of overheating and dehydration.

Also, steer clear of plastic feeding bowls, as these are more prone to germs. Use stainless steel feeding dishes instead, and remember to always keep them clean.

Regardless of the kind of dog food you eventually decide to feed your dog with, just make sure that you are able to give him his meals regularly, along with adequate water. Remember that by giving him the balanced and nutritional food he needs, you are able to give him the best for his health and well-being, ensuring him a good, long life.