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Perfect Tips To Buy The Perfect Dog

Perfect Tips To Buy The Perfect Dog

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So you are out to buy a dog as a pet? Do not just go out and buy the first one you deem cute or you feel would be easy to take care of. Here are some helpful tips on how to properly choose the dog that would be perfect for you. The Impulse Buy Resisting the cuteness of a little puppy from a window of a pet shop is hard, especially if you feel that it is calling out to you for you to take him home. Remember that these cute little puppies have been through a long trip from their breeder and may be carrying sicknesses that you might discover once you have already taken them home and have let them play with your 8-month- old son who suddenly ends up sneezing all over the place.

Make sure that you only buy from a pet shop with a good reputation, preferably one that has been around for quite some time to make sure that the pup you will be purchasing have already been given the correct vaccination shots, complete with inoculation certificates.

Making a Cautious Choice

If it is possible, try to pay a visit to the breeder’s home or the owner of the pup’s mom. This is so that you will be able to verify the cleanliness of the previous home, and how the pup’s parents behave. It is always a good idea to meet the parents of the puppy you will be buying as this provides some kind of assurance on how healthy and well behaved your little puppy would be.

Be Wary When Buying From an Ad on a Newspaper

Be very cautious when purchasing a pup that was advertised on a newspaper. Before buying it, pay a visit and evaluate its appearance, health and pre-existing condition, as sometimes dogs advertised on paper turn out to be very different from how they were promoted. Even if there was a money-back guarantee offered, it ends up being too much of a hassle and a disappointment, particularly when little kids are involved.

Purchasing From a Dog Shelter

You may also look into getting a dog from one of the shelters in your community. You feel good that you are actually saving a dog’s life and that you will be providing food and shelter to an abandoned puppy. However, it is wise to keep in mind that the little pup you have your eyes on may have been straying for a period of time and may have developed some unpleasant behavior. Try not to have your heart captured by the first cute dog you see. Talk to the shelter people and ask for some background on the dog that you are planning to take home.

Choosing a Fit Puppy

Although it could be hard for a novice to recognize the healthier puppy of the two, it actually is easier than one would think. A health dog should be pleasantly plump, not too fat or does not have a swollen stomach. The skin of the dog should be a little loose instead of sticking to the bones. Check the fur, which should be shiny and free from lice and lice and fleas. The dog should look bright- eyed and does not have any discharge coming from its eyes.

Finally, choose the one who acts lively and enthusiastic to meet and be with people, as this is a sign that it can be easily trained. Also, expect that the owner of the pet shop would also ask you some questions so that he can make sure that he is selling the dog to a good and suitable owner. Don’t worry, if you are one, then that’s bound to shine through as you’re playing with the puppy in the store.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]