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Be The Best Dog Owner: How To

Be The Best Dog Owner: How To

Before you decide which breed of dog you will buy and before you even decide if you will actually buy a dog, you need to ask yourself the more important question: Are you really ready to own a dog? Here are some questions you need to ask yourself first before officially becoming a dog owner.

1. Will you or someone be home to be with him for a majority of the day?

Remember that dogs and puppies in particular must not be left alone for long periods of time. If you will be out of the house for 8 hours because of work, then getting a dog might not be the best idea for now, unless you can arrange for someone to watch or be with your dog while you are away.

2. Will you be home for him during the holidays?

Unfortunately, holidays are not actually a season that is for dogs to love. Because a lot of people do their traveling during the holidays, the dogs are most of the time left alone. And unless you are planning on bringing your dog along on your trip or unless you have some family or probably friends that would be agreeing to look after your dog, then you would have to be ready to shell out some cash to have your dog lodged in a boarding kennel.

3. Do you have an idea on the actual costs of taking care of a dog?

These costs would not only include expenses allotted for food and kennels – it would also include the expenses that are for check-ups with the veterinarian for the times when they need vaccinations or if they get sick. A dog is very much like a child – it can get sick easily and at the time that you least expect it. This calls for a lot of preparation on your part. You would probably need to buy some insurance for your dog as well.

4. Will you be able to give your dog the amount of exercise he needs?

Dogs require exercise to keep them happy and healthy. You may need to jog with him in the park, engage in ball playing on top of strolling around the village or the grocery on a leash. Make sure that you will be ready to devote some time everyday to play with him or take him out for a walk, whatever the outside weather is. If you will not be able to give your dog an adequate amount of exercise, think about getting an older dog with a lower energy level, thus would require less exercise. You can visit the local dog shelter and you might be able to find one.