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Teaching Your Dog To Read: How To

Teaching Your Dog To Read: How To

Can you, as a dog owner actually teach your dog to read? Yes, you can. But why in the world would you want to teach your dog to read? Although your dog will surely not be reading a book or newspaper anytime in the future, giving him the ability to comprehend a word that you have written as an order may come handy sometime when faced with special situations.

You cannot tell if there would come a time when you would have a difficult time speaking. It could probably be just laryngitis and you would not be able to ask your dog to come nearer. Or you could have a different condition, which is more serious.

It is inevitable that as your dog grows older, he might have his hearing lost. There are some people have dealt with dogs which have lost majority of their own hearing. If this happens, the dog owners could make use of hand signals to be their means of communication, but if these dogs were already taught the basics of how to read, understanding each other would be achieved easily.

These are a couple of techniques, which would guide you in teaching your dog how to read.

1. Start by making some flash cards. Make a card at a time. Try to use an 8-½ X 11” white sheet of paper. Write a word on it which you would want your dog to understand using large, bold letters such as “SIT”.

2. After writing on the card, make your dog focus and concentrate on you. Prepare the flash card on a hand behind your back, as well as a ball or probably a dog treat on the other hand behind your back.

3. You can then show your dog the flash card containing the word.

4. After you are sure that your dog was already able to see it, say the word out loud. Make sure he notices the word before saying it, however do not wait too long after he sees the word. Do not look directly on your dog, because this could be somewhat of a distraction. Have your eyes fixed on the flash card instead.

5. Ensure that the flash card remains unmoved. Also make sure that your fingers, which are holding the card, would not be covering the word. You could probably stay still then wait for the reaction of your dog.

6. After your dog was able to perform the word, you could shout “Yes!” with a shrill and excited voice. After that, hide the card then give the treat or the ball, while praising him for continuously.

7. Repeat all these steps for around three times.