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How Holistic/Natural Pet Health is Exploding

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How Holistic/Natural Pet Health is Exploding

For those who are pet owners we care about what we put in their systems just as we do our own. While we wouldn’t want to stuff ourselves or family with foods or medicines that have been proven to be unhealthy we also would want the same for our pets. The way pet care is viewed is rapidly changing. Many individuals are choosing to use natural pet items including foods, herbal supplements, holistic dog supplements, medicines, and treats.  So why are they becoming so popular? Simply because owners think they are better for their pets. They will provide them with nutrients they need and keeping them healthier in the long run.

What we as consumers and pet owners don’t know is that many of pet manufacturers don’t always have the best interest of our pets in mind. Most are more concerned on how to spend the least amount of money to make as many products as possible. Current pet food regulations allow these companies to put ingredients that most people would never knowingly give their pets. It may shock you to find what goes in your favorite brand of pet food.

Many pet foods, medicines, and treats are made of artificial flavorings, sugars, preservatives, low in protein and often are hard for our pets to digest. Natural pet food (holistic dog supplements) manufacturers create their products with your pet’s health in mind. Animals are no different than humans when it comes to nutrition and eating healthy. By using natural dog products you are guaranteeing that your pet is being given the high in protein meat, vegetables, grains, fruits, and natural preservatives that they need.

The popularity of natural products, holistic dog supplements is increasing as pet owners see the benefits that hold. Many animals have simple changes such as shinier coats, more energy, brighter teeth, and better behavior. Long term differences show that animals that are fed natural products live longer and have less health issues.

More owners are becoming aware of what researches are finding about pet foods. For example studies show that animals that have been fed low quality meals and products often tend to have allergies, diabetes, heart trouble, dry skin, weight problems, hypertension, nervousness, and a variety of other ailments that could have been prevented.

By using natural products you will immediately begin noticing changes in your dog such as less fleas or worms, less shedding, glossy eyes, little mouth or body odor, and less visits to the veterinarian, and THIS is what we are all about!