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Dog Ear Care: A How To

Dog Ear Infected

Owning a dog is a huge responsibility that many people do not take seriously. Having a dog is like caring for a child, so to speak. They need you to feed them and clean them and teach them. You need to do for them as they cannot do for themselves. One of the main things that you need to do to ensure that you have a healthy happy dog is to be sure to take proper care of your dogs ears. You need to make this part of your regular dog care routine. You want to be sure that the ears are clean and free from any kind of debris or bugs such as mites.

The best way to keep a close eye on your pet’s ears is to check him or her when you do your regular bathing. If you have a breed of dog that is more prone to ear infections such as a Cocker Spaniel, then you will want to check the ears more frequently. With dogs like this, (that have floppy ears) you need to be sure to keep the ears from getting water in them as that will increase the chances of ear infections. No matter what type of dog you have, be sure to keep an eye on their ears.

It is good to have your dogs ears checked with the vet at regular checkups but you need to check them as well in between the visits. If you see that there are signs of trouble with your dog’s ears then you need to know how to take care of it as soon as possible to ward of something more serious. Some of the things to look for would be excessive wax in the ears or a bad odor coming from the ear. You may see that the ear is red and puffy or you may find that your dog is constantly scratching at her or her ear/ears. The dog may have a great deal of matted hair around the ear and they may be rubbing it on other things to alleviate the itching and discomfort that they are experiencing. The dog may also shake his or her head excessively and can be disoriented as well since ear infections can affect the equilibrium.

When checking your dog’s ears you want to use both your eyes and your nose. Look as well as smell the ear to see if you spot anything or smell anything that seems out of the ordinary for your pet. A dark waxy substance coming from the ear can indicate that there are ear mites in the ear. If you see a discharge with a foul smell then this can indicate that there is a bacterial infection. Allergies can also cause similar problems as well. If you suspect that there is a problem then call your vet and tell him or her, what you see and smell. Many times they can offer advice over the phone to help you get your pet back in tip top shape. When in doubt, make a visit to the vet with your pet to be sure that you are doing the right thing.