Trim Your Dog’s Nails: A How To

Dogs that lead an active lifestyle and are able to walk on pavement are able to keep their nails worn back but couch-potato dogs will more than likely need to have their nails trimmed. Part of your dog’s good hygiene is keeping their nails trimmed. One of the main reasons to keep your dog’s nails trimmed is so they have proper traction. If their nails get too long, your dog may change their gait which affects their legs, shoulders, hips and back. This may lead to other skeletal problems as well.
Pedicure is the name given to nail trimming of dogs and can be done simply if you know how. Before trimming your dog’s nails you should purchase quality nail clippers that are intended for use on dogs. Nail clippers come in different sizes so make sure that you get the ones appropriate for the size of your dog.
To start with trimming first find a comfortable place for you and your dog. Trimming of dog’s nail can be done using the following steps:
1. Put your dog in a laying down position rolling her onto her stomach.
2. Starting with any paw, carefully clean the dirt from under her nail using a file.
3. “Quick”, the vein theat travels under his nail should be located.
4. Now use your clippers and cut the front of the nail off, not too close to the
5. File the sharp edges down with the file and continue with other nails of the paw.
6. Repeat above steps with other paws.
Take special care in trimming the dewclaw nail, on the inside of the leg. Since it doesn’t touch the ground, it wears down less rapidly than the others. Trim nails once or twice a month. Starting for the first time, it is better to observer a veterinarian or dog groomer trimming dog’s nail. Then, once you have an idea of what not to do you will be more successful in getting the job done.